Elie Awad


Though young in age, Elie Awad has a high fashion sense with a refined eye for quality,
detail and style. By pairing his innate creativity with his acquired design and technical skills he took on the role of creative director in 2014 to prepare the launch of his own couture label ELIE AWAD in March 2015.
Born in Lebanon, home to several of the fashion world’s biggest names, Elie graduated with honors from renowned fashion institution ESMOD in 2009, with a degree in Fashion design and Pattern making. After winning the final year Jury Price, Elie was chosen by Elie Saab,
to intern then to become a full time chef atelier’s assistant for his renowned brand.
Inspired by this Elie decided to create his very own line.
The concept behind ELIE AWAD is to combine high-end, handmade textiles and leathers
that are individually selected and combined with faultless stitching and sophisticated modern embroidery to create unique, luxurious designs that require extended periods of work
and careful attention to detail, which is a process most designers perceive as long and costly. His passion for his work has spanned beyond creating a dress; he “designs an experience”
so that each of his creations sets the mood for the woman wearing them - that initial feeling you get when you try something for the first time – it can make you feel sexy, playful, young, poised, happy, confident; and that is the reaction the designer aims to arouse with each one of his modern and unique creations.
Among the Lebanese celebrities he dressed is Class A Singer Nawal el Zoghbi, MTV
News Anchor Jessica Azar and the Irish Fashion PR Tara Sillery. He also collaborated with international make-up artist Fady Kataya and SAMSUNG for their Note 3 Launching Event.